Some Types of West Java Batik that Refresh the Eyes!

West Java batik is an irreplaceable Indonesian culture. How not, it has been recognized as a world cultural heritage. Of course batik is able to bring the fragrant name of Indonesia on the world stage. For those of you who do not know batik. Batik is a work of graffiti art on a cloth.

It has such a high value because in every creation has a meaning. So not just any made just by putting forward the trend model alone. It already has its own trade mark to use far ahead. However, young people have now begun to forget about it by wearing famous distro clothes.

The fading of this culture is a severe blow that must be overcome. The mentality of Indonesians is still low making it easy to be provoked by outsiders. Though he does not want to wear batik, but if he is embraced by Malaysia, many people are angry including you, right? The point is as much as possible to keep the culture from being claimed.

One form to maintain it is to keep it on. Especially the residents of Jabar where there are many types of west Java batik available. You can wear it at official or non-official events. Now there are many models of batik clothes can be combined with modern tastes. So it doesn’t necessarily seem old-fashioned.

For those of you who are curious about the variety of choices. We have some references with refreshing shades of the eyes. There are actually many options, but we will list those that refresh the eyes. This is so that when wearing it, the wearer can be the center of attention because it is eye catching or pleasing to the eye.

Batik Megamendung Khas West Java

For newlyweds who will carry out the wedding. Most parents will buy this type of batik. Gives the meaning of fertility and life-giving. Megamendung west Java batik looks colorfull with bright nuances. Such as red, blue, yellow, green, even pink. The origin of this motif comes from cirebon in the central area.

The manufacturing center area is trusmi village, sub-district, plered, and cirebon regency. So what’s the motive? In accordance with the color with full color. Of course, the motive will not be far off. It is believed to be made for the first time in an area near the ocean. The meaning of life-giving is symbolized by the clouds of the rain-carrying ocean.

This meaning is very fitting to describe the giver of life. Rain can provide life for many organisms. Not just humans but other small organisms. so don’t be surprised if the cloud motif with rain is there. For a collorfull color with a motif like this it clearly describes a peaceful life.

With a motive like this the price in the market is definitely not too expensive. Can be purchased at the cheapest price of 20 thousand at the cheapest. It depends on the quality of the fabric and the complexity of the motif. But for ordinary people , the price of 20 thousand is already good. Wearing it during official events is a great option.

Typical West Java Batik in Ciamis Area

For this type of west Java batik presents several motifs at once. There are actually many but most popular choices are from galuh kingdoms. One of the successful governments at that time. For popular motifs consist of shark stones, galuh pakuan, and ciung wanara.

Surely kamu often hear ciung wanara if visiting the Bandung area and around. This motive is based on the history of the power struggle in the ciamis derah. King Ciung Wanara is fighting for power to become one of the most influential kings there. While the nail galuh was taken from a king’s dagger.

More precisely the king galuh during the reign of the ciamis kingdom at that time. For the shark stone motif is taken from the holiday derah in pangandaran. A cool holiday area to visit. It gives rise to eccentric motives but still has a deep meaning. In addition, there are motives for assimilation of jogja and solo communities.

This motif is almost exactly the same as the one he is. The impression is calm with shades of white brown or dark chocolate. Make the characteristics that radiate from it stay awake. Usually for the price of batik ciamis is still fairly affordable. From tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands depending on the quality of manufacture.

West Java Batik Cianjur area

According to the area, cianjur is a special agrarian area. The motif presented is certainly nuanced agriculture. The first time there was since the colonial era, many Indonesian people at that time used it. If you look deeper, indeed the motif presented is inspired by agriculture. Yellow green color with rice grains is a real proof.

With a motive like this the selling price is not too expensive. You can get it easily through offline market and even online. Now there are many batik sellers who peddle their merchandise online. At a price that will not reach hundreds of thousands. You can buy in dozens or even parties at once.

Deeper into one of the most popular West Java batik. There are actually four motifs presented, namely difficult kecapi, cross-pencak, rice, and hayam pelung. The rice motif certainly tells about its agrarian area, while the lute tells about the state of the village.

Then for pencak silat reflects hereditary culture. With this characteristic certainly distinguishes with other regions. There is also a pelung hayam where it tells about chickens from cianjur. A variant that will refresh the eyes if bored with general choices. Especially for the people of Central and East Java.

West Java Batik Indramayu area

For the fourth type that may be able to refresh the eyes is indramayu which is hitting one of the West Java regions  close to nature. Making craftsmen there is much inspired by plants and hewan. His  interesting motifs make him much in demand. The color pattern is also fresh because it uses a combination of natural fresh colors.

The craftsmen there were inspired by how nature could come together. Both humans, animals, and plants can unite together into an ecosystem. This relationship can be interpreted more broadly. So it’s not just ecosystem relationships but smaller relationships. In essence, the motives of the Indramayu area suggest that life is more harmonious.

Whether from family, community, village, city, and even country. The emergence of a sense of separatistism and attaching importance to groups may be the result of many societies that have forgotten the culture. Culture is a relic full of philosophy. So if underestimated there will be a bad impact in the end for many people.

The selling price of this motif is quite expensive. With a striking blend of nuances from many aspects. It will definitely cause the impression of elegant luxury. You can buy it online and offline. But nowadays online is much cheaper. Can save more expenses without having to shop other.

The minimum purchase price is 50 thousand. It depends on the provider and the materials used. The workmanship is longer duration with more complicated motifs. It will definitely increase the selling price. If interested because it provides a refreshing motive to the eyes. Try to wear it in special and even official events is highly recommended.

How do you still need so many other types of views? For now there are only four types of motifs in this writing. Its popularity and beauty in the eye. Make it included in the recommendation even though the selling price is not too high. Even so, this West Java batik gives a deeper meaning of life.